Here are a few videos of it's creation.
This beautiful tree was commissioned by the NC Museum of History in Downtown Raleigh. It was to be one of the focal points of an exhibit titled "Southern Impressions." The exhibit featured paintings and other artifacts that attempted to give a little insight into what has shaped the art and culture of this diverse part of the world we call the South. I had never made a bottle tree that was intended to live indoors so figured I could add a few touches that you don't normally see on one, namely the "Rusted Roots" from which it get's it's name! The museum liked it so much they decided to keep it and put it out front permanently as a memorial to the wonderful volunteers and docents they had over the years who have passed away. An interesting twist on the traditionally spiritual nature of the bottle tree, instead of getting rid of the evil spirits, this one is now meant to honor the good ones!
Blacksmithing up the roots
Welding the roots to the base
Twisting up the trunk
And finally making the branches!